PHP Loading Time


The following code is placed at the very top of the file. It checks the time when the file begins to load. The time is saved in the variable $start_time.

$start_time = explode(" ", microtime());
$start_time = $start_time[1] + $start_time[0];

The following code is added at the bottom of the document. The variable $end_time saves the time when the page is fully loaded. Loading time is calculated by checking how long it has been between $start_time and $end_time. This is rounded to three decimal places to limit it somewhat. The loading time is saved in the variable $total_time which can then be displayed.

$end_time = explode(" ", microtime());
$end_time = $end_time[1] + $end_time[0];

$total_time = round(($end_time - $start_time), 3);

echo("Page loaded in ".$total_time."s");